I Have Never Been Mesmerized by Any Website Other Than This — https://critter.science/


I was enthralled with Critter Science’s feature story on the Angel Shark while browsing Medium today. His discussion on zoological subjects is in-depth and fascinating. When I had some time, I decided to check out his website. It turned out to be a stunning and engaging website. Based on the clarity of the images, Mr. Critter Science appears to be an excellent photographer.

I still remember when I was a student and turned into an academician. Biology was my favorite. Amazing tidbits of animal knowledge fascinate me!

Critter Science is a great website, and I hope educators will use it as a teaching tool. Everything about the Daily Critter Facts is fascinating to me. Both the images and the animal facts are of the highest quality. Critter Science is an excellent site for teaching children because the content is so interesting.

There is also an art gallery integrated into the website. They are all the masterpieces of Erin Thomsen. If you are an art enthusiast, you will enjoy watching great masterpieces of Erin.


Moreover, there is a webpage where you can download printables for kids.


No wonder with the effort given by Critter Science on his website, it was featured on well-known sites and stations. Congratulations. Keep up the excellent work. Continue to add more blogs because your legacy will live more. Teaching students to love nature and Science is a highly admirable action. I will remain your fan.


FYI! I am not an employee of Critter Science. I only admire this website much.



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