Scientists Claim It’s Important Not to Be Alone in Dealing With Issues in Life: Here’s Why

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Isolation kills more people than obesity, according to several studies. The importance of social connection cannot be overstated, and it should never be ignored if possible. Human connection is important because that will keep you sane. No man is an island.

People are acutely aware of their vulnerability when they are alone. Whenever they don’t feel connected to someone, they activate the fight-or-flight reaction, which causes them to feel threatened. Feelings of social isolation trigger the body’s stress response.

Osher Gunsberg talks about poor mental health >>>>>>

Osher Gunsberg, board member of SANE Australia and host of Tall Tales & True tells of the terrifying breakdown that marked a turning point in his mental health journey.

“I was drinking to try to quell the pain, and isolating myself. And those two things did not work out for me.”

‘When the world is scary, it seems like a good idea to isolate yourself. But you’re shoring up and strengthening the negativity in your brain. I got diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) even though we were 50 blocks from Ground Zero. And it has gotten incredibly intense to the point where I got very sick.’

‘When you’re in that state, it seems you should isolate yourself because it’s scary outside. But you’re shoring up and strengthening the negativity in your brain. You’re doing yourself a disservice.’

‘I wanted people to know that even though your brain’s telling you that that’s how it’s going to be forever, it isn’t, and how about we change that?’

‘My treatment included a few years of medication, including two types of antipsychotic drugs. I also underwent exposure therapy with a psychiatrist and talk therapy with a psychologist.’

‘Meeting my wife, Audrey, has helped me enormously. I am just trusting her and her perception of the world, falling in love with her, and then having, to be honest, a reason for wanting to get better help. When I met her and George, my stepdaughter, that was an enormous reason to aim towards [getting better]. A significant amount of healing came. Why do I want to do these things? Why do I want to do this work? Because if I do, I get to have this life.’

It’s undeniable that the world has been struggling with the ongoing pandemic. Dealing with the pandemic is not an easy matter physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has taken over people’s lives, and it seems like there is no end in sight to the pain and suffering.

Some have been touched by the pandemic, have seen their loved ones struggle, and they want to help them get better, but they don’t know-how. Some live with it themselves and feel trapped in their own lives because of it. They want to break free, but they don’t know-how.


Despite all the issues we encounter in life, do not ever give up. People will always be willing to listen and help us in times of trouble. I managed to survive all my afflictions because of faithful friends. You will know your true friends in times of hardship. Most of the time, others will leave you behind during those troubled times, but there will always be a few friends who will stick with you regardless of your bad situation.

Proverbs 18:24

“There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”



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