The War on Abandoned Puppies: My Personal Story

The abandoned puppies

My story did not happen in Ukraine, a war-torn country in Europe. The sad fate of this country can be seen from a different perspective. I met two desperate abandoned puppies nearly two days old this month of May. Both could hardly eat since they still depended on their mom for nourishment. When my neighbor gave them to me, they were in bad shape.

Since they are still puppies, neither can see very well. Because of their fragility, I had no idea how to feed them properly. Their mom abandoned the two puppies because the mother was busy looking for food to eat. Two stray dogs had bitten her during the travel, and the mom was bleeding to death.

Amid stress, she returned and searched for her missing puppies. I adopted two; both are white, while my neighbor took good care of a white and brown one.

Cuddly shot of ‘Rocky’ the puppy

The very first meal

After a tense first day of feeding the pups with evaporated milk, things went much better the second day. I used the medical squeezer to get the milk into their mouths since they were tiny.

Since the mother wasn’t around, I had to make my fingers touch the wet dairy to be sucked or licked by the suckling pup. It aches my heart to think of how defenseless, and helpless the puppies are without their mother. It was also challenging to feed them this way, as I had to ensure they had enough milk almost every two hours. After two days of providing them with a squeezer, I learned how often they needed to be fed.

By day three,

This time, their lips were brushed with wet fingertips dipped in milk. As they both try to suck, they’re looking for their mother. Finally, I put their lips on a bowl of milk and attempted to feed them with it. Trying to suck the milk out of the bowl was an excellent idea. Later, there was a massive gulp.

Moving on, the pups are already consuming milk from the dish directly. I am confident that they will live without their mother’s care this time.

To prepare for a move

Day five brought about their first taste of the world of soft-diet meatloaf. Both of them were delighted by the food’s flavor, and now I’m sure that they’ll make it through life’s trials unscathed. They learned to deal with abandonment at a very early age.

Meanwhile, abandoned puppies are vulnerable to the environment, people, and animals that may harm them. They’re dehydrated, malnourished, and have low immunity. I can’t bear the thought of these cute puppies suffering in the cold.
Abandoned puppies are delicate and vulnerable to diseases.

They risk falling behind in physical and mental development without an established care routine. Abandoned puppies don’t have a care routine, meaning they don’t get the sleep, love, or food required for proper growth. They are often taken to animal shelters where they will live out their lives or, worse, left behind in the vacant lot, untouched by the care of people.

My neighbor gave me two abandoned puppies, and there was no way I could say no. With tremendous gratitude, I read up on what I needed to do to ensure they were healthy and happy. The puppies get fit within just a few weeks of following a strict feeding schedule and giving them lots of love and attention.

This is only one example of how we should show compassion for life, not just for humans but for animals like these abandoned pups, who have no choice but to be adopted by people.

You’re probably wondering why the war on abandoned pups will have to be my title. This abandonment can be a symbol of places worldwide where children experience abandonment. This group of children is similarly frightened, hungry, and vulnerable.

Their bond to loving parents or siblings fades away due to the lack of security. Society has broken down as a consequence of the conflict, and the most helpless members of society — the children — have been left to take care for themselves.

In February, when Russia shook the peaceful world of Ukraine, almost the same plight of abandoned puppies happened to so many children. Some had even experienced the most desperate situation a human being will undergo: dying from extreme hunger, thirst, and cold. I do not know the truth of what I can hear on the radio. But the atrocities brought about by war are unimaginable.


Attempt to save a young child for evacuation leaving the parents behind Ukraine

How about the millions of displaced families and children in Ukraine? Why should there be war and atrocities of war? Life is more precious than egotism and powerplay in politics and government. Humanity’s highest ideals should include a desire for world peace, compassion, and consideration for others.



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